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Submitting an article

By launching our submissions service, we want to make it easier for you to get your story onto our website or in one of our newspapers. All fields marked with an asterisk must be completed before you can submit your article.

You need to tell us which of our websites you want your story to publish on and this also determines which print newspaper your story will appear in.

You don’t have to include an image with your submission, but if you do it will need to be in jpg format. Videos, or other types of files, should be submitted to our newsdesk email address, which can be found in the contact us section of any of our websites.

Submission process

All stories need to be reviewed by a trained editor prior to publication. This means your story can’t be published to our site immediately, but you’ll receive an email from us as soon as your story is live.
Articles that don’t comply with the law in the country of publication, that breach IPSO guidance, or that are judged to bring the publisher into disrepute will be rejected. Further detail can be found in our terms and conditions.

Please note unpublished or declined articles (and attached images or video) will be removed after 90 days.

Your profile

You’ll need to give us your full, legal name and a contact email address for the purpose of attribution and so we can contact you if we have any queries about your piece. Pseudonyms and anonymous accounts are not permitted.