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Meeting the Royals at The Palace

After being crowned one of the 500 Coronation Champions late last month by the King and Queen, Geoff Stonebanks fom Bishoptone, made his way to Buckingham Palace for the garden party on the 9th May. Thunderstorms and heavy rain were the order of the day according to the Met Office, there were even signs on enteing the Palace, warning visitors not to shelter under the trees in a lightening storm.
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Geoff and his felllow attendees must have done something right as there was not a drop of rain until just at the very end of the afternoon and there was even a drop of sunshine as well. 8000 guests joined the party in the presence of The Prince and Princees of Wales, The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh, The Princess Royal and the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester.

Geoff said " I was extremely lucky to have attended a garden party back in 2018, when both Camilla and Charles were hosting, so was not too disappointhed when they were not in attendance. Having never seen the the current Prince and Princess or the newly named Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh, it was a delight to see them and actually get the chance to talk to both William and Edward.

The gardens at the Palace were a delight to walk around with lots of pretty spring colour. Aside from meeting and seeing the Royal Family, the highlight had to be the delicious afternoon tea served to all visitors. Each guest able to make their choice from awide selvtion of savoury and pastry items. You can see Geoff tucking into his choice.

This visit to the Palace was in recognition of Geoff's volunteering in the community and he proudly displayed his certificate and pin badge in his garden at home, before heading off to London.

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